Open Source North 60


Open Source North 60

Whitehorse Yukon

March 23 2018

A couple of like minded fans of open source and broadcasting are putting on an event in northern Canada’s Yukon Territory. We have a meeting space to spend the day networking and learning more about how open source works in the world with broadcast.

Open Source + Broadcast

  • Local Open Source IT professionals, coders, emergency managers and International visitors

  • Funders and Regulators, from the Yukon, Federal, ISED, CRTC, BAF, CRFC, NAB

  • Broadcast Stations, New Media and Transitioning Media

  • Interested parties to what we are doing in the north. All welcome.

Register Early

There is no charge to attend this event. Snacks and lunch will be provided.  We have a group rate, available first come first served for hotel accommodation at Days Inn Whitehorse and discounted travel vouchers with Air North Yukon's Airline

Register early for VIP Tickets to RSVP your spot.

Contact us  email or telephone 457-2582 (CJUC) for more details or suggestions.


Thursday March 22

Tour of CBC North local radio station later Thursday afternoon

Warm up reception at CJUC shipyards park studio

Friday March 23

All Day OSN60 2018 Event

Evening get together at local venue for refreshments and entertainment

Saturday March 24

Afternoon wrap up BBQ in Whitehorse.












Opening Remarks

RP Singh

House Keeping



Update from Host


Light and fun



CJUC Community Radio

Bill Polonsky

"The Juice" runs on Open Source



Carcross Tagish First Nation

Bob Miller

Enterprise Open Source with governments



Health Break\Networking


Electronic ambient sound



Unattended Broadcast Alerts

Rob Hopkins

Emergency Alerting with Open Source



CAP 101

Elliot Christian

 International Emergency Alerting Q+A





We eat



Soft Tech AV Demo Luncheon

Bill Polonsky

Live Assist, Youtube streaming, Icecast



Music Valle

Electronic Ambient sound

60 12:00-13:00

Morning Recap\Trivia\Draw

RP Singh

Open Mic, Questions and Comments



Panel – Real World Open Source


OS in the community and work place



Safety Code 6 - ISED

Jeff Stanhope

Hazardous RF Levels in Broadcast

30 14:30

Health Break\Networking


Electronic ambient sound



Crowd Funding Development

M. Lexington

Meta Data Manager Module\Logging\Stats



DIY Raspberry Pi Maker space

V. Maggard

Open Source EAS on Raspberry Pi



DIY Raspberry Pi Maker space

Bob Miller

Robotics and Pyrate Radio Box

20 3:55

Door Prize Draw

RP Singh

Welcome to Canada!




RP Singh

Open Mic








rogram and Participant Bios

Bill Polonsky

With over 20 years of broadcast radio experience, he’s also trained volunteers at the station in digital audio editing and radio production, as well as offering workshops at other community stations. Growing up in Thunder Bay, Ont., he says he eagerly awaited the Top 10 at 10 with a blank cassette in hand, ready to record his favourite songs.  Yesterday morning, the small AM-FM radio next to him was blasting Neil Young. “Who has radios anymore?” Polonsky asked rhetorically. “You can go to a radio station online these days or listen to a podcast and skip ahead,” he said. “But with radio, especially our radio, you don’t know what’s coming up next. You have to sit through and listen.

Bob Miller

First in the Yukon in 1972, some school years were done here, and then a final move to the Yukon as an adult in 1991. Several years were spent in the Food and Beverage Service industry, and a move to a career in computers was made in 2001. After achieving an A+ Certification, employment began at YKNet, the Yukon's First Internet Service Provider. With mentoring and an appetite for learning, skills were developed in using and troubleshooting Windows and Mac workstations, as well as Linux servers. After a few years of developing technical and service related skills, YKNet was taken over by Polarcom. Another year of employment there improved networking skills and server management, as well as improving overall Linux skills.  In 2006, Computerisms was launched, with the intent of primarily serving businesses with workstation, network, and internet related services.  Now that we are in the year 2016, Computerisms has grown to a thriving small business serving hundreds of customers.  Bob is eager to see Computerisms achieve a 2nd decade of successful operations.  There is a strong desire to promote Linux and the Open Source movement as well. Not only is the work more enjoyable, the product is at least as good and often better than proprietary solutions. Continued efforts to improve community awareness of Open Source Software will be a continued goal for the purposes of both personal and business grow

Eliot Christian

Key role in all-hazards, all-media Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) standard; conducted eight international CAP Implementation Workshops from 2006 to 2015; developed CAP freeware and provided on-site, hands-on training (CAP Jump Starts) in Africa, Asia, Australia, Caribbean, Europe, Americas; established the international Register of Alerting Authorities as collaboration between World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and International Telecommunication Union (ITU); developed Federation for Internet Alerts (FIA) Guidelines for disseminating CAP alerts via online advertising; known for promoting global, long-term, and open accessibility of data based on international standards; addressing policy as well as technology

Jeff Stanhope

My title was Industry Liaison and Spectrum Officer, or ILSO for short. Since that doesn't make any sense I changed it to SILO, which most people who work in one will understand. Actually, a silo is the farthest thing from this job! Here at Industry Canada (IC) we aim to please, but we don't ask others for the same. That's where I can help. Usually the unsuspecting client will come in, and after discussing the weather, will get right to the point with a focus that would scare a laser beam: "So, I'm interested in this thing, see, and, well, can you help me?"  The best part of my job has always been dealing with ordinary Canadians as part of my normal duties. Partnerships, projects, and management boards are fine to a point, but when you can actually help people achieve their goals, well, that's it for me. I guess the worst part is always trying to clean up my office or take a longer block of time off work — the constant churn of changing priorities and projects play continual havoc, and this isn't likely to change.

Rob Hopkins

Radio Rob always loved the reach of radio within communities, but was fed up with the restrictive way of streaming media from a fixed studio space using desktop applications, so he created a simple to use open source web based inclusive system, where the community runs radio stations with emergency messaging, while he gets to enjoy music and receive a residual income. How did I Get here in Radio Land

RP Singh

RP Singh offers both professional voicing for your audio project, as well as commercial audio production for radio.Have RP voice or produce your radio commercial, narrate your presentation or documentary, or voice act your cartoon or video game.  Given a choice, RP is open source all the way.

Robert Vallee

Born in the Province of Quebec and moved to Yukon in 1999. I fell in love with the place and decided to start my new life here. We are a family of artists. I started my DJ career when I was 17 year old and never stopped. Now I am mainly producing my own music. Being a DJ, I sure love all kinds of music and styles, but I am presently experimenting on trance music with a new edge. This is my first album of a ten album serie. Each album will be part of my experimental journey in discovering alternative sounds of trance music and they will be all available to you to discover and enjoy!

Tammy Beese

Tammy Beese's entertainment magazine, What's Up Yukon, has struck a chord with readers and advertisers alike, and has fast become a mainstay of the local community. For her success, Tammy, 35, has earned BDC's Young Entrepreneur Award for Yukon and will be honoured tonight at a ceremony in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Tammy started the free bi-weekly magazine that features 100% local content two and a half years ago. Printed on newsprint, What's Up Yukon covers Yukon's "living culture", including news about arts and culture, sports and recreation, and "all things fun and all things entertainment." Tammy also publishes a quarterly business magazine with all-Yukon content and is introducing a semi-annual Yukon health magazine. What's Up Yukon is a big supporter of open source in their office infrastructure and on their publishing workstations