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CJUC Open Source Development Project

Presently CJUC uses the OpenBroadcaster Broadcast Automation system to run its radio station and streaming. The link to the open source code is here

As part of efforts to continually improve our media and  programming, we invite other stations and supporters of CJUC to help crowdfund resources to contribute to open source solutions, for all to use.  

CJUC support will post this bounty and scope of work on Freelancers as a project.

Featured Project

Audio Enhancements - 2018

At the top of the hour, it cuts into the next scheduled item without a fade out or segue.

What we would like to have our radio automation system do:

  • Intelligently automatic fade into select songs and not do fades between spoken word.
  • Based on a formulae, calculate remaining time, so that if N % is left of song, continue playing into next hour and if the song will be much longer to gently fade out at top of the hour
  • Replay gain settings metadata tied into the Gstreamer framework to normalize and balance signal levels allows media of different recording levels to play out at a consistent level.

Estimated budget $1,000.00 CDN


% of project remaining


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75.00 - CJUC Buttons, sticker and QSL cards mailed internationally.

100.00 -  All above and mention in project

200.00 - Monthly Sponsor mention of a show on CJUC with voice for your business

500.00 - 3 Month Sponsor mention of a show on CJUC with voice for your business

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