Pop Up Record Shop

The Chambers House, Shipyards Park, Whitehorse Yukon

Thursdays 3-6PM during the Fireweed Market May 17-Sept 18 2018

Drop by during the Fireweed Market and see our selection of used vinyl for sale.

We welcome donations of good used vinyl for fundraising email us at vinyl<at> for details

We use SQUARE so you can use your debit/credit cards on site. 


Open Source North 60 

Whitehorse Yukon

March 23 2018

A couple of like minded fans of open source and broadcasting are putting on an event in northern Canada’s Yukon Territory. We will have a meeting space to spend the day networking and learning more about how open source works with broadcast. This opportunity is for broadcast stations, regulators, funders, coders, and anyone interested what we are doing.

Schedule and Agenda

There is no charge to attend this event. We have a group rate for hotel accommodation and discounted airline vouchers.

Please contact us to RSVP, more details or suggestions.

Contact us for more details




CJUC receives funding to create community Audio Arts Program

Whitehorse, Yukon June 12, 2017 - Some exciting news from CJUC Radio. We have received funding from the Community Radio Fund of Canada, Radiometres program to create an Audio Art Immersion program.

Audio art includes a variety of practices including audio collage, radio drama, storytelling and documentary elements, mashups, soundscapes constructed from everyday environmental sounds and audio installations for specific spaces. Volunteers will be encouraged to produce pieces reflective of the Yukon and their personal and local histories but will be given the freedom to explore a variety of creative approaches and subject matter.

The main goal of this project is to instruct and support volunteers from the community in the production of ‘audio art’ to produce short form (2-5 minute) and long form (20-40 minute) audio pieces for broadcast and podcasting. Volunteers will include current CJUC radio programmers and open to any interested members of the community.

All interested should contact the station at 457-CJUC, email us at or drop by The Chambers House in Shipyards Park Thursday from 3-8 during the Fireweed Market.



Assist in our efforts!

Listen: Tune in to 92.5 on your FM dial and listen as much as you possibly can.

Think: FM radio is the ultimate vintage technology. Radio is sexy. BTW what IS your relationship with radio?

Act: Spread the word that radio is not dead! Buy radios for friends and friends of friends.

Testify: If you are an artist and have heard you music on CJUC send us a letter of support. If you are a regular listener we need to hear your CJUC story too.


The Big Ask: “Spare me some cutter me brothers?”

CJUC does not sell advertising on its airwaves and relies on contributions and small donations from listeners such as you to keep the day to day operations of our station going.

Please consider a small regular donation to CJUC to help us cover the cost of bringing you the coolest and most interesting station in Whitehorse.

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Thank You.

"Stay tuned and stay entertained."

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