Broadcasting since 2003


CJUC (92.5 FM), based in Whitehorse, is Yukon Territory's most widely-listened community radio station.  The station was launched in 2003 by its owner, the Utilities Consumers' Group (UCG), a local non-profit society with a mandate to represent Whitehorse residents in proceedings involving local utility services and telecom regulatory proceedings.

Over its 14 years of operation, CJUC's focus has broadened significantly and it now serves as an important resource for Whitehorse residents wanting to present information and culture to their community.  CJUC allows volunteers to broadcast a wide and eclectic mix of music and spoken-word selections that would otherwise not be represented by the limited suite of radio stations available in Whitehorse. Additionally, CJUC has become a key vehicle for artists belonging to Whitehorse's thriving music scene, allowing them to present their work, build a local support base and promote performances.  

CJUC also offers training opportunities for community members interested in honing their skills in audio and radio technologies. Compared with other Whitehorse-based stations, which focus on narrower audiences segment (ex: Aboriginal, Christian, Francophone), CJUC is the only local radio service that can claim to have a mandate to represent the entire community in all its diversity.

Assist in our efforts!

Listen: Tune in to 92.5 on your FM dial and listen as much as you possibly can.

Think: FM radio is the ultimate vintage technology. Radio is sexy. BTW what IS your relationship with radio?

Act: Spread the word that radio is not dead! Buy radios for friends and friends of friends.

Testify: If you are an artist and have heard you music on CJUC send us a letter of support. If you are a regular listener we need to hear your CJUC story too.


The Big Ask: “Spare me some cutter me brothers?”

CJUC does not sell advertising on its airwaves and relies on contributions and small donations from listeners such as you to keep the day to day operations of our station going.

Please consider a small regular donation to CJUC to help us cover the cost of bringing you the coolest and most interesting station in Whitehorse.

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